Standard Features

All Pennsylvania shed company sheds include the following standard features:

Professionally constructed on YOUR site

All of our sheds are built on your site AT NO EXTRA COST and no delivery fees. No need to have your yard damaged by big trucks or shed movers. Have a fence or small walkway that leads to your storage building we walk everything in. Once the building is completed you would not even know we were there. This allows for a building that is custom built on your site and allows for a building that is not damaged in transit.

Rigid ¾” plywood floor decking with 2x4 treated floor joists that are 12” on center for 10 foot wide buildings or treated 2x6 floor joists for buildings that are 12 or 16 feet wide

A substantial floor system will allow you to maximize the weight placed in the building. All buildings are also placed on concrete leveling blocks so that the raw wood does not have direct contact with the ground.

30 year architectural shingles

15# felt underlayment as well as matching the shingle color with the color of your house

60 inch wide double doors with a 6 foot continuous piano hinge

A large door opening to provide adequate space for lawn tractors and four wheelers, if you need a larger door opening just let us know we will gladly accommodate your individual needs.

Superior wall construction

All walls are built with 2x4 studs that are 16” on center.

Factory Primed 50-year SmartSide Panel siding

SmartSide Panel siding is an engineered wood product that has a manufacturer’s warranty stating that it will not crack, warp, rot and it is resistant to fungus and termites. Due to it’s high durability and nice appearance it has supplanted T111 as the siding choice for most high quality shed companies.

Three Point Locking System with Heavy-duty locking handle

Keeps your valuable contents safe and secure with a keyed locking handle and (2) spring loaded barrel bolts.

Concrete leveling blocks

Most shed companies charge a minimum of $350 for “site prep”. Our buildings come standard with two levels of concrete blocks. No digging or removal of soil required.

5 Year Top-to-Bottom Warranty

If there is a problem of any kind we will come fix it free of charge.

Locally owned and operated

We are a locally owned and operated shed company that strives to build the highest quality sheds in the area. Customer Service and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Neighborhood restrictions?

Don’t worry we can help. We can custom create a shed to help you meet your HOA needs.

Concerned about your site?

Don’t worry we offer FREE site visits. Most sites do not need to be seen before we come out to construct your building. We just need about two feet of clearance around the building. But if you are concerned in any way about your site let us know and we will gladly come out ahead of time and evaluate your site.

Additional Options And Add-Ons

Below are some additional options that you may want to consider to enhance the functionality and beauty of your new storage building from Pennsylvania Shed Company. If you are looking for an option that you don’t see listed just give us a call or email us and we can work you up a price for your particular needs.

Treated Plywood Floor Upgrade
Includes 3/4″ treated plywood decking
8′ x 8′
8′ x 10′
8′ x 12′
10′ x 10′
10′ x 12′
10′ x 16′
12′ x 12′
12′ x 20′
16′ x 20′
16′ x 24′
Windows and Skylights
24″ x 22″ single-hung sash w/screen
24″ x 36″ single-hung sash w/screen
22 x 22 Skylight
Transom window
Vinyl 24 x 36 window
Pair, small/med
Pair, large
Flower Box
Additional Standard Doors
Additional pair 60″ wood
Additional single 30″ wood
Upgrade to 60″ fiberglass doors
Additional pair 60″ fiberglass doors
Cedar door upgrade
Roll Up Doors 72″ wide
Upgrade to Patio doors (inswing)
Upgrade to Patio doors (outswing)
8″ x 16″ pair (extra pair)
4′ ridge vent
Additional 4 x 4 runner, per linear ft.
Concrete leveling blocks
Hurricane Package***
LP TechShield Roofing
Keep your storage building cooler with
LP TechShield Radiant Barrier.
Lean To
Open Lean To
Closed Lean To (2sides)
5′ x 4′
5′ x 6′
5′ x 8′
Standard Shelving and Workbenches
8′ Shelf (12″ deep)
10′ Shelf (12″ deep)
12′ Shelf (12″ deep)
16′ Shelf (12″ deep)
8′ Workbench
10′ Workbench
12′ Workbench
16′ Workbench
Cuploas & Weathervanes
Rooster Weathervane
Eagle Weathervane
Horse Weathervane
Large vented Cupola
Organization Packages:
Organizer System:
4 upper cabinets and pegboard
Organizer Plus System
3 upper cabinets, 1 lower cabinet,
workbench, shelf, and pegboard
Upper Cabinets
Lower Cabinets
Pegboard 4 x 8 sheet
Loft Sections
Loft 8′ x 4′ (2 x 4 joists 24″ O.C.)
Loft 10′ x 4′ (2 x 6 joists 24″ O.C.)
Loft 12′ x 4′ (2 x 6 joists 16″ O.C.)
Loft 16′ x 4′ (2 x 6 joists 16″ O.C.)
“U” Shaped Loft 8′x12′ *
“U” Shaped Loft 8′x16′ *
“U” Shaped Loft 10′x10′ *
“U” Shaped Loft 10′x12′ *
“U” Shaped Loft 10′x16′ *
“U” Shaped Loft 12′x12′ *
“U” Shaped Loft 12′x16′ *
“U” Shaped Loft 12′x20′ *
“U” Shaped Loft 16′x20′ *
“U” Shaped Loft 16′x24′ *

* Deluxe Estate Only
Standard and “U” Shaped lofts are recommended for your light to medium storage needs. Heavy duty lofts are recommened for your medium to heavy (not to exceed 75lbs per sq.ft. evenly distributed load) storage needs.”U” shaped lofts: 4′deep loft at rear, 2′ deep loft along each side.

***Hurricane packages are required for all building permits. The Hurricane package consists of a set of 4 earth anchors, hurricane ties, and plywood clips. The earth anchors are 32” long, if there are any concerns about utilities or septic systems being in the vicinity it is the customer’s responsibility to verify with city/township at least 3 business days prior to construction beginning. PSC assumes no responsibility for anchors damaging utilities and septic systems.